Friday, June 27, 2014

I Finally Got a Hoosier

You know that moment when you're just walking through the Antique Shop, enjoying looking at old stuff and enjoying the "smell" of antiques?
Am I the only one who loves the smells in an antique shop?
And then right in the middle of it all......something speaks to you.....
It draws you in.
It wants to come home with you...

I have always wanted a Hoosier cabinet.
I just never knew where I would put it.
But when I saw this simple beauty....with its white cabinets that would match my kitchen
It's red accents that would coordinate perfectly,
I knew.
I just knew.
I went home and started walking around with the measuring tape.
I usually know it's pretty much going to happen when I start walking around with the measuring tape.
I am a woman.  I can make it fit.
I went back 3 times and measured.
The only thing that really discouraged me, was that it was missing the little knob and the crank of the sifter.
The lady at the shop said, "You're not really going to use it anyway, what does it matter?"
"It's a conversation piece.  I must have it.  How can I explain how it works to my kids, without it?"
I googled.  I found some on ebay.
I found places that sold Hoosier parts.
I knew I could get another one.

My friends laughed when I said I just had to convince my husband that we didn't need the dining set anymore.
I thought about how I could display my antique things on the Hoosier.
How I could put my rooster collection on top.
Or my old milk bottles.
How I could use it for a coffee bar when I have big parties.  (don't laugh kids).
Or how I could move my big Kitchen Aid mixer over there to save counter space.
A baking center.
And I thought about how cute it would be to decorate for Christmas.
My Jadite dishes.  Christmas lights.........swoon........
So, I got the nerve to present it to my husband.
He said what he always says, "Whatever you think, Sweetheart."
I don't know why I even ask........
I'm one lucky girl.

I knew we would be just fine without that extra leaf and 2 chairs.
99% of the time, there are only 3 of us here anyway.
And there are those other 3 barstools at the counter...
and a dining table with 10 chairs at the other end of the kitchen.
We will be just fine...

So....we basically remade her.
We are both perfectionist.
It was dirty.  We sanded.  We caulked.
We spackled.  We painted.
We installed cabinet latches because the doors wouldn't stay closed.
We installed a drawer track because the drawer was hard to pull.
We stabilized, shimmed, and secured.
She's as good as new now.

I had fun moving some of my "old stuff" over there.

My jar of old cookie cutters and biscuit cutters.
That old timer that belonged to my parents.
I remember my Dad taking a nap and setting this timer.
Can you imagine sleeping with a tick, tick, tick..and waiting for it to ding?

Some of my old baking things.
And yes, I use all of my old kitchen utensils.

I love using them and imagining the hands that held them years ago for the same purpose.
I'm strange like that.

The top cabinets hold some of my baking supplies.
Red, of course.

The drawer holds some of my old things that I love to use.
The old enamel top is dated 1942 on the back side.

The bottom cabinets hold some of my enamel ware and other old stuff.

The sifter is the middle top cabinet and still works.

And that little crank I was so worried about on the sifter?
When we loaded this cabinet, we laid the top shelf unit down in the truck bed.
When we got home and unloaded it, we discovered that someone had just put the sifter on facing the back.
The little crank with the old wooden handle was just facing the back side.
I did the happy dance.

I do love old stuff.
She's simple, nothing fancy.
She is perfect.
The lady that owned the booth that I bought this in, told me she bought it in Kentucky.
That is always important to me.  I love knowing where my old stuff came from.
A little country kitchen in Kentucky.......sigh...
I blog to try to make my children understand.
I blog to remind them not to put all of my old stuff in one big pile
and sell it for 25 cents each at a Yard Sale one day.
Just don't. 
If you're interested, you can read more about Hoosier cabinets  here.

The truly observant reader will notice, I removed the tassels on the curtains.
They were too busy.


  1. OMG!!

    I am in red and white heaven!!!!

    I LOVE your hoosier!!! Stunning!! I too have always wanted one but I truly have no where to put one unless I replace my little desk and hutch int he Kitchen......

    Love yours and how you decorated it with all those vintage goodies!!

    Love your curtains too!!


  2. Betty,

    OH. MY. WORD. Can you hear my heart racing???? I LOVE IT!!!! It is exactly, exactly, exactly what I want!!! The enamelware top, the red knobs, and all the things you have on it and in your drawers. EXACTLY what I want!!! :-) And I love where you put it... it is a perfect spot. Wow. I'm as excited for you as I would be for me! - Dori -

  3. I love it, it's the perfect size and you fixed it up good as new! I always tell my son the same thing....Now, don't be selling this at the BIG sale for a quarter lol!


  4. is perfect. How neat that it came from my home state. If I had one ~ I would decorated just as you have. With all the old stuff. Beautiful ~ what a find.


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