Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Changes in Dining Room

After seven years of my Cherry Cobbler dining room, we decided it was time for a change.  I am really liking the simple farmhouse look more and more.  I like white, but I would never go all white because I like color too much, so I opted for the board and batten with keeping the top third of the room in the red.  I am pleased with how it turned out, as it seems to tie in well with the white beadboard cabinets in the kitchen.

My husband and I are both perfectionists and detail people.  We work well together.  Believe it or not, we survived building a whole house this way.  I think a little of it has rubbed off on our children.  They tell us that they are probably the only people in their age group, that notice crown molding, baseboards, and caulking in every house they enter.  When we rent a vacation house, we sit around for hours and discuss how we would have designed it. We're sorry kids!

I brought the old mirror back out and placed it on the buffet.  I know my antique shopping girlfriend is reading this and screaming that is HER mirror, but you know it's mine!  I found this mirror in a little antique shop, hid in a back corner.  I wanted it but thought it was too much money.  I talked about going back for it for a year.  When I didn't go back, she began to say that she was going to go buy it for her house.  Well, we often played this game, I wouldn't commit to a purchase and then she would say she wanted it to make me make up my mind and I would want it more because I thought she wanted it and then I would buy it and be happy and she didn't have to hear me talk about it anymore.  I thought we were still playing the game, but after I bought it.........she seemed a little upset.  You know that I saw that mirror first, Angee.  You know it was really always mine.  (kinda).  As with most antiques in my house, there is a story of shopping with my sweet friend.

I made a garland out of old book pages.  This is extremely hard for me to do, because I love books.  I bought 4 books over time for this project before I could bring myself to actually tear out a page to use.  I come home, look at the books, think of where all it has been over time, decide it is a good read, good to decorate with and something I absolutely cannot tear pages out of.  I was determined to make this garland, so I tore out these beautiful cloth like pages to do it.  Somehow it seems sacrilegious.   But I do love how the garland turned out.  It is simply 2 pages folded into a fan, glued together, a button added,  and then glued onto lace.

Feeling the need to see some greenery, I added some to an ironstone pitcher.  I also (painfully) removed the covers from a few old books and recovered a few other old books with some music print scrapbook paper.

The old photograph is of my grandparents. 

You can see the old book I used for the garland on top of this china cabinet.  I love decorating with books.
How will I bear to tear out more pages now when that teapot needs it?

I had a small piece of lace left over and made these simple hearts.

Now here is the hardest project I ever did.  not.  The curtains are made from drop cloths from Lowes. 
Each measuring 6' x 9'.  They do have a funky smell when you buy them, so you have to wash them before hanging.  The hardest part was ironing them, but then all I did was hang them up!  I measured them off to meet the floor and then just folded over the top and hung.  Cost about $12 each.

You can see from this photo how they are doubled over at the top.  I did absolutely no sewing on them.  The edges are already hemmed, though you do have to trim it up a little.  I hung them with these cafe hooks to make them easier for opening.  After seven years of lace curtains and sheers, we also finally broke down and bought the plantation blinds for this room.  Now, I can't wait to do these curtains in another room.

You can see from this other cabinet that I live by the "leave no teapot, teacup or pretty plate behind" rule.  There is always room for one more.  (sigh).  I recently made myself leave a teapot behind at Goodwill.  I felt bad for weeks.  I promised myself I would not do it again.

Remember when we drug this old teacart home my mad at me for buying the mirror friend? 

I know about that link showing up.  The devil put it there to make me crazy today.

I added some greenery on the table also.  I couldn't find the size moss balls I wanted, so I bought moss by the roll and glued it to some decorator balls I had around the house.  Yeah, I probably should have used gloves for that project because when you use spray adhesive with green moss, you get mossy fingers for a while.  A little creepy.

I sprayed a few pinecones silver because have loved pinecones since I was a little girl and I never tire of seeing them.  I placed these among a few other small ironstone pieces.  I love adding a few natural elements in decorating.

I am pleased with the board and batten.  And Great Great Grandmother Viola, hanging over the buffet, seems to be pleased also.  Funny, how we just found our grandmother's picture in an antique store (smile).

Note my Paula Deen apron hanging in the hallway, y'all.


  1. Love the walls. You got the best of both ....brightness and keeping your beloved red.:)

  2. What a beautiful room! I like your tip about using the drop cloths and I love the apron hanging in the hall! Perfect!

  3. Oh, your room is gorgeous! Love the red and white on your walls. You have lovely pieces of furniture too/ Thank you for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Betty, your dining room is beyond gorgeous! The red walls with white paneling compliment each other and your beautiful antiques show up so well. I have a veniered china cabinet very similar that has been in my family for years. Have a blessed weekend :)

  5. My favs of your room: the board and batten walls, the book garland is sweet on the sideboard, and your curtains! I just ordered dropcloths and curtain rings on Amazon today to make these for my great room. Can't wait for the order to arrive.


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